Secondary 3 and 4 Elementary and Additional euchlidMathematics may be difficult and confusing to some students. Some students find them tough to understand or have difficulties answering examination questions. Hopefully, through my blog, the weaker students especially, will learn a thing or two and may even like maths and do well in exams.

Why learn E and A Maths ? My Pre-University Math teacher told the class that ‘Maths is Man’s created universe’. Maths is truly Man’s great invention. In fact humanity could not have progressed much without it. Learning Maths is important not just to do well in the ‘O’-Level exams but it is also a very essential life skill. The Maths that you learn will provide foundations for Maths in Junior College or Polytechnic and University education (especially in Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Architecture, Economics, Business, Medicine, etc.).

So look out for my postings.



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